We’ve all heard the commonly expressed information that if you have no savings you can’t get into a new home or even on to the property ladder altogether. Furthermore, actually saving for a home deposit is what makes it so difficult for first home buyers to make that first step and purchase a property. While having no savings is not widely considered a positive for a lot of home loan products, there may be options for those who may not have savings right now.

No Savings network of brokers means our reach into a large number of home loan products is greater than simply heading to a bank. Another excellent piece of feedback we regularly receive is that rather than hearing an expected ‘no’, you will almost certainly be met with energy and enthusiasm from our team of experts to help get you into your own home.

For those with no savings it does not mean property ownership has to stay as a dream. There may be a no savings loan in the market at the moment or No Savings can help pool your savings together so you have the deposit that you didn’t think was there. The No Savings team has over 7 years experience helping people in tougher financial situations achieve home ownership with our expert industry knowledge.

There’s plenty of options available, give No Savings a call on 9202 9224 to find out more.